Volunteer Positions

Sign up for Volunteer positions will be available later in the season. We will send out an email when it is you are able to do so. Below is a list of volunteer options we have during our home meets.

If you are interested in assistant coaching, please email cdelucia@parsippanyexpresstrack.com

Volunteer time for Sunday Meets – 12:00 to the end of meet.
Volunteer time for Saturday Meet – 1:00 to the end of meet.

Position Description # Needed
Timer Responsible for Accurately using hand-held stop watch to time runner. 12
Long Jump Organize jumpers and measure/record distances. 4
Shot Put Organize throwers and measure/record distances. 3
Snack Table Sell snacks/drinks. 2
4×100 Relay Officials Sets up athletes in proper lanes and verify hand-off. 3
Race Heat Coordinator Relays information during the 100 and 200 races what division and heat is about to start. 2
Score Clerk Organize and run scoring slips to Scoring Table/misc. duties. 1